Fred Browning

Fred Browning was born in 1891 and was raised in the Arlington area. Prior to his entrance into the world of gambling, he was a plumber employed by his father. What lured Mr. Browning to open his own casino is not certain, yet it is commonly believed that the life of a plumber lacked the excitement to which he was drawn. The transformation from tea room to a casino began soon after the acquisition of the property.



This picture was taken at the swimming pool on the property. Patrons would dine in the restaurant and swim in the pool. Note that Fred Browning is wearing pin-striped suit with spats.


Mr. Browning built a mini gym and a sparing ring for famous boxers who would train at Top O' Hill. Part of their training schedule would be to swim laps in the pool. Lou Brouillard trained at Top O' Hill in 1933, "Slapsie Maxie" Rosenbloom trained on the property in the late 1930's. He would spar with Lew Jenkins who was known as "The Sweetswatter From Sweetwater" who was managed by Fred Browning.