Many people have visited the campus and heard the story, seen the remains of the tunnel, viewed the artifacts in our museum and have been thrilled with the true stories provided.  Now, however, we are facing a tremendous problem - the hillside to the west is crumbling and receding, partially due to weather and passage of years, in part caused by construction of the neighborhood down below.  Our tea garden and the walkway which was an escape route for fleeing patrons of the Casino are in danger of being lost completely!  

Several independent entities have offered help some, but a real rescue is needed, immediately, if not sooner!  Our story is one that should be told.  It is inspirational to all who have heard it.  We have kept entrance fees extremely low to enable all who wish to attend to be able to do so.  Our only hope now is for someone to step forward who is willing and able to save the hillside, and thus, our visible links to the historical events that occurred in Arlington.  I am personally extremely hopeful that this need can be met.  No other location in the state has such a vivid past and incomparable tale of transformation!